We’re bringing asset networks to life for GasNet and Greater Hume

It’s always exciting for us when we onboard new customers, and over the next few months we’ll be overseeing the launch of Unity Asset Manage (AssetFinda) for New Zealand utility company GasNet, and southern New South Wales council Greater Hume Council.

Our relationship with GasNet goes back several years, when they first began using our Field Mobility solution. Based in Whanganui, GasNet is a reticulated natural gas network and metering business, owned by the Whanganui District Council. They provide a range of network and metering services to energy retailers, and maintain a safe and reliable supply of natural gas to consumers.

Although a long-time user of our Field Mobility solution, GasNet were using manual systems for asset management which were time-consuming, and prone to error. GasNet has decided to move with the times and upgrade their asset management processes to the new technology. The objective is to modernise their approach to asset management, to significantly reduce the amount of manual work that goes into managing their assets, and to eliminate errors and enhance security.

“Univerus is very pleased to be further extending its long-standing relationship with GasNet with our market leading Unity Asset Management Solution,” says Univerus General Manager Kerry Connors. “We look forward to a long and successful relationship well into the future.”

We’ve been working with the team at GasNet to achieve a go-live launch at the end of June 2021, which will also include an integration of their financial systems as well.

Greater Hume Council are a new customer. They are a local government area in the Riverina region of southern New South Wales, formed in 2004. They provide a wide range services to over 11,000 residents, which includes a significant asset network.

Like GasNet, Greater Hume recognised the need to adopt a digital approach to asset management, and this is an area of Australia in which Univerus has a distinct footprint. After discussions with their neighbouring councils, Greater Hume acted on the recommendation to go with our Unity Asset Manage solution, realising that it was the best fit for their requirements. Not only that, but once the solution goes live later this month, they will be able to share resources with other councils. In the UAT stage as of this writing, the Council is looking forward to bringing their asset management processes into the digital era.

“Univerus is excited to welcome Greater Hume Council to the ever-growing Univerus family of clients,” says Kerry Connors. 

Watch this space – once Unity Asset Manage has gone live for GasNet and Greater Hume, we’ll be working with them and bringing you updates.