fieldGO is the Univerus enterprise mobility solution, which allows users to create and deliver their own mobile applications, tying them into as many in-house systems as they need to. fieldGO has the flexibility to operate independently and can be purchased on its own.

fieldGO now presents an exciting new Augmented Reality (AR) Utility Integration. This is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device – like a smartphone.

What this means for fieldGO users is to have eyes under the ground. It allows a visual of piping and underground networks, without having to actually go subterranean themselves. It helps to ensure the protection of those working in local government services, and it’s a considerable time saver as well. For instance, if a contractor is planning to dig a hole, the solution will allow them to see, from above the ground, where the underground infrastructure is located, avoiding potential damage and costly mistakes.

The benefits of AR with fieldGO include:

  • Increased safety – AR means users can maintain a constant visual, looking ‘through’ the ground to see where assets are located at all times.
  • Increased efficiency – being able to locate underground assets on-demand means making informed decisions before and during construction.
  • Augmented measurements – AR provides the means of taking accurate measurements; the functionality is built right into the solution.
  • Augmented As-Builts – you can add new assets to your GIS system using AR; simply point your device at the asset’s real-world location and draw it in.
  • Remote assistance – office staff can voice and video chat with field workers and draw notes in the real-world for field workers to see.

Not only that, but it allows collaboration with other utilities, easily sharing information between users.

fieldGO provides visibility to underground networks, meaning improved accuracy and greater certainty about where work is to be carried out. The solution reduces risk, enhances health and safety and provides greater knowledge about assets and where they’re currently located.

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