Hamilton City Council selects fieldGO for enterprise mobility

Hamilton City Council has engaged fieldGO to provide a mobile computing solution to a number of areas within Council. The first phase of the project will focus on delivering a robust solution to users from three different asset groups; Water, Parks and Gardens and Property.

As well as providing a mobile solution to cater for work orders and service requests, fieldGO will also provide the foundation and template for moving forward in the future with other key areas of the business.

fieldGO will be the user interface to transfer information from back of house users to field staff in a timely and seamless manner. Users will have access to documents and GIS in both an online and offline mode through their Windows devices.

Hamilton City council will also be amongst the first fieldGO users to be actively using the iOS platform in the field.

Future phases of this project will involve mobilising council’s water data collection process, allowing faster and more accurate data collection and reporting.