fieldGO Announces New HTML5 Mobile Client

fieldGO is proud to announce the release of their new HTML5 client! It is available for Android, iOS and Windows. Regardless of location, your field personnel will now have real-time access to any back-office database. All they have to do is use the app on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

With fieldGO’s HTML5 app, your field crew can easily schedule work data capture and service requests. With the onboard database, they can proactively address and respond to situations in real-time. When online, data is uploaded to the fieldGO dispatch tool. When offline, data is stored on the device. After assigning a crew to dispatch, you can track all of the crew member’s times. 

“With the growing importance of mobilizing the workforce and the consumerization of IT, our focus was, and is, on helping companies across multiple industries improve their businesses and impact the bottom line,” says Kerry Connors, president and CEO for fieldGO. “These tenants have always been important for us in the local government and utilities community where we have been serving it for nearly 14 years. In fact, fieldGO is recommended by many clients as the choice for complex implementations such as integrating to multiple solutions, accessing multiple systems and leveraging advanced functions”. 

This release will also extend capabilities to customer service, asset management, regulatory systems and all other backend solutions. The app is also geographic information system (GIS) enabled, so inspectors can be easily routed to the precise location of a request. 

About fieldGO 

fieldGO is an international provider of a leading Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) for local government, utilities and contractors. Since 2004, fieldGO has been helping both the public and private sectors with mobile solutions for every aspect of field operations. From data capture and work crew scheduling, to management of equipment, maintenance and customer care. fieldGO allows unsurpassed flexibility while keeping critical attention to work detail. For more information about fieldGO, visit 

Media Contact: Jill McKee (626) 375-9970