Use mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows) to provide field crews with real-time data and workflows. Univerus Field allows teams to collaborate intuitively in-order to carry out inspections, service requests, work-orders, and permits in the most efficient way possible.

The platform has been specially designed to achieve the same level of functionality across all major mobile device types including smartphones, tablets, and handhelds providing a seamless experience for field staff through our fully automated online/offline functionality.

Univerus Field can also incorporate user-friendly checklists for health & safety and traffic management in order to keep workers safe and remain compliant with industry regulations.


Univerus Field provides a long-term Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management Solution that is fully configurable (No-Code) to meet the needs of all field-oriented organizations – regardless of size and structure. Our software is fully flexible and scalable, giving mobile crews access to critical data that is specific to their job.

The Univerus Field Administration tool allows authorized end-users to easily create, change, and deliver fully work flowed mobile pages that can be specifically tailored to individual job type requirements.


The importance of workflow in mobile field applications cannot be overstated – the ability to provide field users with pertinent information helps ensure the accuracy of information captured and returned from the field. This allows correctly informed and timely decisions to be made every time.

Univerus Field has a fully configurable workflow management toolset within its Administration tools that ensures information is complete, timely, consistent, and simple to follow. This greatly improves process visibility, making it easier to adjust schedules and hold teams accountable for delays.


Univerus Field seamlessly integrates into an organization’s in-house or cloud based systems to improve accuracy, timeliness, efficiency, and productivity in the field while also achieving more engagement with customers.

The Univerus Field data integration system brings together third-party platforms so you can obtain a unified view of status and progress for all worktypes in the field.

Our integration toolsets dramatically reduce integration time to unlock and modernize inhouse-office systems at speed.


Dispatchers are provided with a comprehensive dashboard-view that enables them to balance workloads and respond to high priority jobs faster than ever before.

GIS Map location pinpoints assets that require inspection or repair, while visual mapping of locations, jobs, crews, and vehicles makes it easy to plan activities efficiently.

Field jobs are regularly updated with job statuses and additional information so that dispatchers can make fully informed and efficient decisions as to how best to allocate and manage works for crew.