Delivering True Enterprise Mobility

Field-oriented organizations must focus on crew engagement and automated workflows in-order to increase productivity and ROI.

Univerus Field provides a comprehensive solution:

  • Crew-centric approach to mobility usage
  • Accurate data captured through automation
  • Real-time visibility of field works
  • Fully configurable no-code framework that is truly scalable
  • Removal of process duplication
  • Automated Online/Offline workflow
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A Fully Integrated System For Public And Private Sector Organizations

When available, real-time data is uploaded to the Dispatch console. This easy-to-use dashboard features GIS mapping, Crew Calendar, and Dispatch tools that can assign crew to worksites in the most efficient manner and manage the job as it progresses.

Our data integration system ensures that there is true two-way connectivity to in-house or cloud-based systems. This means that data can flow seamlessly between the Univerus Field app and various other software programs.

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Powerful Information At Everyone’s Fingertips

Univerus Field software can collect data for all crew scheduling, customer services, asset management, and regulatory systems to provide a comprehensive view of asset and field resource information.

  • Maintain real-time visibility of asset condition
  • Inform strategic decisions
  • Optimize resources and reduce risk
  • Provide dispatchers with up-to-date job and crew information
  • Improve visibility of outsourced maintenance (contractors)


Our mobile interface provides real-time access to field data using any connected device.

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Fine-tune the Univerus Field platform to match the size and scope of your organization.

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Keep your field crews on track with precise workflow mapping.

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Connect with existing systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

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React quickly to real-time data and dispatch work crews accordingly.

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